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Why Lease?

Application Only Program

This leasing program is designed for transactions located in the continental United States and valued from $10,000 to $75,000. The Application Only Program utilizes the web for instant access for a lease quotation. Only a completed Credit Application is needed in order to submit this transaction for formal credit approval. The credit application can be accessed by clicking  here or on any of the Credit Application tabs on any page of this web site. Complete the Credit Application Form on-line or download the application to be completed off line and faxed to ELEX at 609-654-9531. You will be notified within 2 business days of your credit approval.


Part Pay / Middle Market Program

This leasing program is designed for transactions located in the continental United States and valued  above $75,000. Our Part Pay /Middle Market Program is unique in that it allows you to only pay for that portion of the equipment’s economic life that you use. Your rent is tax deductible and by selecting the Part Pay/Middle Market Program you can avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax. Each transaction is custom tailored to satisfy your specific financial needs and can be structured as an off balance sheet transaction, thus not affecting your bank lines of credit. We will finance all of your installed or on-order equipment, including  soft  costs. You can select the term of the lease, and the end of lease option you need. You have the ability to early terminate all or a portion of the equipment under lease without penalty. In addition you may sublease, and/or add additional equipment. You can select the options and tailor the lease to  maximize your savings.  For details, contact us on our website.


Capital & Operating Leases

There are two types of leases, a capital lease and an operating lease. The Financial Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 13 – Accounting For Leases (“FASB13”) has published criteria to determine if a lease will be classified as a capital lease or an operating lease.

“FASB13” stipulates that “a capital lease shall be recorded as an asset and an obligation on the lessee’s financial statements…” but “… the rental on an operating lease shall be charged to expense over the lease term as it becomes payable…”

There are certain tax and financial ramifications to the lessee that will determine the type of lease they need.

Consequently, if the lessee uses a capital lease, they will be required to list the lease as an asset on their books and the outstanding lease payments as long term debt. This affects their future borrowing ability and increases their debt to equity ratios. If the lease is classified as an operating lease, the asset and long-term debt are kept off the lessee’s books. (i.e. off-balance sheet financing). The lease payments are listed as an expense item and no long-term debt appears on the lessee’s books.

At ELEX, we have the ability to write both capital and operating leases for our customers. We help the lessee match their financing needs with their balance sheet concerns



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