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Lease Financing for Industrial, Commercial, and Financial Organizations

Since 1974, ELEX has provided capital equipment financing to companies in all industries across the continental United States. Our leasing transactions range from $10,000 up $5,000,000. We provide our customers a financial solution that will enable them to acquire the capital equipment they need to improve their business at a price they can afford. Our vendor alliance programs help vendors create a competitive advantage to help increase their sales and reduce their accounts receivable.

Why Lease?

Leasing provides tax advantages and conservation of working capital. Leasing is also a hedge against inflation, protection against equipment obsolescence, and an alternative method of acquiring capital equipment.

Vendor Alliance

The goal of the ELEX Vendor Alliance Program is to help you increase your sales. Our staff will work with you to educate your sales force on how to use the leasing option as a sales tool and help you close more sales.

e-Z Lease Bank Program

A customizable program that allows your bank to offer equipment leasing to your business customers, branded under your bank’s name, without all the issues and costs associated with being an equipment lessor.

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